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First Ever

ISSH Virtual Christmas Party

for K/JS

was held on December 11th 2020

4:30 – 6:30 pm

For K/JS students


Jingle Bells!  Jingle Bells!

So much fun was had at the ISSH Virtual Christmas Party.  

Santa zoomed in from the North Pole to answer the children's questions and listen to their Christmas wishes.  There was Story Time, crafting and movies for the children to enjoy.  Please look out for the snowflake display outside Ms Inji's office.  


Big thanks to the following MS/HS student readers and crafters: 

Karen Lee (G7), Sophie Wilson (G7), Isona Baker (G7), Kenza Rifki (6), Elena Kraines (G6), Wynne Chu (G9), Mire Ikenishi (G9), Aditi Arumugham (G9), Kashish Hingarh (G9), Karin Schele (G9) and Khwaish Jain (G9).  

Thanks also to Mrs Yegashi and Miss A for reading, and the helpful staff in the ISSH office.  Thank you also to the following mums for their help with oragnising, selling and crafting: Mineko, Miyuki, Zoe, Zanna, Hiroko, Miya and Kripali.

Finally, thank you to all the wonderful K/JS students who attended.  Wishing you all a safe and happy Winter Break!



Suz Wilkinson

2020 Christmas Party Chair


And don't forget to drop off your extra snowflakes in this box at the Lodge

so we can make a winter display outside Ms Inji's office! 

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